Programme for a three-day travel package with a youth tourist route near VetrenSrebarna - Mostistea-Galatui

The travel package with a route „Birds of the World“ is oriented towards youth tourism with an emphasis on local landmarks, natural heritage, historical places, outside activities and forms of cultural heritage.

Three days of activities, two overnight stays

The package can be used during the period May - October

Geography, municipalities, region
Vetren-Srebarna (district Silistra) – Mostistea-Galatui (region Calarasi)

Target group
The package is aimed at Bulgarian, Romanian and foreign guests – youths – in group or individually, with an interest in cultural heritage.

Terms of conduction
Suitable for a group of youths, as well as for individual tourists. No special equipment or skills are required of the participants. It would be nice if they have comfortable shoes. Attractions along the Danube River, visits to museums and discussions on historical topics are subject to prior arrangement. Given the seasonal nature of the events from the cultural calendar, the package is limited to May - October.


Grandma’s house Srebarna“, village Srebarna, 3 „Lilia“ str., mun. Silistra, tel. 00359 889 778 530

Vila Rado“, village Vetren, 80 „Granichna“ str., mun. Silistra, breakfast, homemade jams

Fish farm, village Ciocanesti, Calaraşi, Romania, the farm is in a Natura 2000 protected area, covers 30 lakes. Over 20 thousand birds nest and multiply here. It’s a place to stop along Via Pontica, the birds’ flight route. Observation of 30 protected bird species, fishing, bicycles, tel. 0040 722 518 186, 0040 722 836 367,

Calarasi, Romania, hotel „Albatros“, on the banks of the Danube tributary Borcha, 7 „Soseaua Chiciului“ str., tel. 0040 721 908 413,

Hotel „Palermo“, Tutrakan, 3 „S. Papazov“ str., tel. 00359 896 838 228,

Calarasi, Romania, hotel „Calaraşi“, 2 „1 Decembrie 1918“ str., tel. 0040 242 318 996,


Tavern „Nikulden“, Silistra, 2 „Pristanishtna“ str., near the fishermen’s boat stand, with fish menu, tel. 00359 86 822 214

Calarasi, Romania, „Terasa Queen & Queen Restaurant“, 1 „Sloboziei“ str., with fish menu, tel. 0040 728 641 342

Restaurant “Dunav”, Silistra, 12 „Lom“ str., North Industrial Zone, Silistra, with fish menu, tel. 00359 877 992 880

Restaurant „Priateli“, terrace, Tutrakan, str. General Pantelei Kiselov 13, tel. 00359 879 091 144

Restaurant „Fisher“, terrace, aquarium with fresh Danube fish, Tutrakan, 8 „Ribarska“ str., tel. 00359 89 592 2583


Rental electric bicycles and a charging station, village Ciocanesti, tel. 0040 722 518 186, 0040 722 836 367,

Routes for a motor boat, bicycles, kayaks, Tutrakan -

Places to visit

With payment

Museum of Natural History „Srebarna“, village Srebarna, Working hours: 08.00 AM - 12.00 PM, 02.00 PM - 06.00 PM, without Saturday and Sunday, tel. 00359 86 772 469. The museum displays birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish, insects and plant species inhabiting the reserve. Video cameras monitor the nests of pelicans. Ecotrail and observation points are located on the shore of the lake. Visiting time – 1 hour.

Calarasi, Romania, City Museum, 3-5 „1 Decembrie 1918“ str., tel. 0040 728 095 702

Calarasi, Romania, Lower Danube Museum, working hours 10.00 AM – 06.00 PM, 4 “Progresul“ str., tel. 0040 242 313 161. The museum presents the history of the Lower Danube coast, ancient inhabitants and archeological cultures. Visiting time – 50 min.

Oltenita, Romania, Archaeological Museum of Civilization „Gumelnita“, working hours 09.00 AM – 05.00 PM, tel. 0040 242 511 174 Oltenita, Romania, 101 Argeşului str. The civilization „Gumelnita“ is a culture of the New Stone Age, known in southern Romania and northern Bulgaria. It shows the oldest tools and fishing gear known to people in the region. Visiting time – 60 min.

Ethnographic Museum „Danube fishing and boatbuilding“, working hours 09.00 AM – 05.00 PM, tel. 00359 86 660 352, 5 „Transmariska“ str. The museum shows original fishing devices from the past and from today, there are interactive displays, videos of the way different types of nets are used, links between Man and Nature are presented, fisheries associations. Visiting time – 1 hour.

Calarasi zoo, Romania, with 87 animal and bird species from the whole world, park, the only hipo in Romania. Lions, tigers, pelicans and cormorants.

Without payment

Srebarna“ – riverside lake, part of the world natural heritage, protected by UNESCO. The lake is a habitat to hundreds of animal species, 50 species are in the Red Data Book of Bulgaria. It’s a place to stop along Via Pontica, the birds’ flight route.

Danube Garden, Silistra – archaeological remains from the ancient Durostorum, from the medieval Drastar - fortress tower, basilica.

Raven swamps“, protected area, near the village of Garvan, 20 km. East of Srebarna, the same types of birds can be found, which are looking for food here

Antimov tavern – tavern „Dalboka“, park, lake, fountain, leisure zone, place of remembrance – the squads of Filip Totyu, with Vasil Levski as his flag-bearer, and Tanyo voivoda have passed through here, 7 km to the east of Tutrakan

  • Sailing regatta „Cap. Kosta Pavlov“, Silistra, Danube River Day, June 29th.
  • Calarasi, Romania, Festival „May flowers“, estrada, May 17th - 19th.
  • Island, Calarasi, Romania, Festival „3 smoked olives islands festival“, July 24th - 30th
  • Silistra Days, September 9th -14th, beer fest, concerts
  • Rock festival „Dunav Session“, Silistra, September
  • En plein air „Human and Nature“, village Vetren, August
  • Calarasi, Romania, World Festival of Humor, art exhibition - caricatures and digital humor, November
  • „Foods of Dobrogea“, culinary festival, village Srebarna, October
  • Oltenitsa, Romania, Festival „Harvest Day“, autumn fair, stands with vegetables, fruits, pastries, folk music scenes, beginning of October
  • Festival of Christmas groups „Stani nine, gospodine“, Silistra, December
Silistra – Tourist information center

51 „Vaptsarov” str., tel. 00359 86 820 487,
Provides tourist equipment: tents, sleeping bags, canoe, life jackets, bicycles, binoculars

Bus Station Silistra, 1 „Moskova“ str., tel. 00359 86 820 280, 00359 878 820 280
Calarasi, Romania, Bus Station, 1 „Victor Babes“ str. tel. 0040 242 312 745

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