Programme for a three-day travel package with a group tourist route near Ruse - Giurgiu

The tourist package with a route „Danube Bridge“ is oriented towards adult organized tourists with an emphasis on historical places, museums, monasteries, wineries, places to walk and local cultural heritage.

Three days of activities, two overnight stays

The package can be used during the period March - November

Geography, municipalities, region
Ruse – Giurgiu

Target group
The package is aimed at Bulgarian, Romanian and foreign guests – organized adult tourists with an interest towards cultural heritage

Terms of conduction
The package is directed towards an organized group, with an interest towards cultural heritage – material and non-material. No special equipment or skills are required of the participants. Attractions along the Danube River, visits to museums and discussions on historical topics are subject to prior arrangement. Given the seasonal nature of the events from the cultural calendar, the package is limited to March - November.


Hotel „Cosmopolitan“, Ruse, 1 „Dobri Nemirov“ str., tel. 00359 82 805 050, www.cosmopolitanhotelbg.com
Hotel „Bistra and Galina“, Ruse, 8 „Han Asparuh“ str., tel. 00359 82 823 344, www.bghotel.bg
„Seven Generations“, wine complex, village Mechka, municipality Ivanovo, district Ruse, tel. 00359 82 595 050,
Hotel „Charlino Plaza“, Ruse, 2 „Etar“ str., tel. 00359 82 825 707, www.charlino-plaza.com
Hotel „Ana Palace“, Ruse, 2 „Baba Vida“ str., tel. 00359 825 005, www.annapalace.com
Hotel „Splendid“, Ruse, 5 „Pirot“ str., tel. 00359 82 825 970, www.splendid.rousse.bg/index.html
Vacation house at tourist information center, village Brashlen, 40 beds, pool, tel. 00359 884 572 445


Restaurant „Pontona“, on the banks of the Danube, fish menu, Ruse, 1 „Dunavska“ str., tel. 00359 88 550 2646.
Restaurant „The River bar & dinner“, fish menu, Ruse, 33 „Chavdar Voivoda“ str., tel. 00359 883 368 833
Tavern „Chiflika“, 2 „Otets Paisii“ 2, tel. 00359 82 828 222
Restaurant „Strandzhata“, 5 „K. Irechek“ 5, tel. 088 807 9777
Complex „Ovcharska Laka“, forest park Lipnik, tel. 00359 89 571 0007

Giurgiu, Romania – restaurant La Ponton, on the banks of the Danube, tel. 0040 371 076 880
Giurgiu, Romania – restaurant Perla Dunării 1 „Șoseaua Portului“ str., tel. 0040 724 510 391
Giurgiu, Romania – Restaurant Casa cu Flori, 36 „Nicolae Bălănescu“ str., Тел. 0040 769 510 501

Wine degustation
Winery „Wine union“, Nisovo village, district Ruse, www.wineunion.eu, tel. 00359 887 858 055
Winery house „Ruse“, complex Leventa, tel. 00359 82 862 880, www.leventa-bg.net/vinarska_kyshta.html
Winery complex „Seven Generations“, Mechka village, municipality Ivanovo, Ruse district, tel. 00359 82 595 050, www.sevengenerations.bg

Places to visit

With payment

Museum „Teohari Antonescu“.
Visiting time – 60 min. Archeological and historical exhibitions, evidence of life in Giurgiu, temporary exhibitions. Working hours 9.00 AM – 5.00 PM, tel. 0040 246 216 801

Historical museum - Ruse.
Working hours – 09.00 AM – 06.00 PM, without a day off, tel. 00359 82 830 996,3 „Alexander Batenberg“ sq.
The museum presents the Ruse settlement mound from 8,000 years ago, Thracian treasures and armaments, the Danube Roman limes - the border of the empire, the beginning of medieval Bulgaria. Temporary exhibitions include a variety of artifacts - own and foreign.
Kaliopa House.
Working hours – 9.00 AM – 5.30 PM, without a day off, tel. 00359 82 820 997, 39 „Ferdinand“ blvd. The Museum of Urban Life presents the European influence of Modernity in the Bulgarian lands, collections of bourgeois house objects, exhibitions. Visiting time – 50 min.
Roman fortress „Sexaginta Prista“.
Working hours – 9.00 AM – 5.30 PM, without a day off, tel. 00359 82 280 004, 2A „Tsar Kaloyan“ str. Visiting time – 50 min
The outdoor exposition presents parts of the Roman fortress - the square-shaped tower, the northern fortress wall. A German bunker has been converted into an exposition with a sanctuary of god Mitra. Exposition with 3D printed models of artifacts presents the Danube limes - the northern border of the Roman Empire.
Museum „Baba Tonka“. Working hours – 9.00 AM – 6.00 PM, without a day off, tel. 00359 82 831 913, 38 „Baba Tonka“ str. Visiting time – 40 min.
The museum presents the maturation of the Bulgarian nation with the example of family Obretenovi, the development of the revolutionary movement, the Russo-Turkish war and the establishment of the Bulgarian state. The expositions are spread over three floors and there is an elevator.

Without payment

Clock Tower
from the 18th century, place of remembrance, cafe, city symbol
Mausoleum of Heroes - it is situated in close proximity to the church „Vaznesenie Gospodne“. Built with donations from the local community in the period 1926-1939

Youth park.

The park has many attractions – rock garden, vase, rosary, dining places and cafes. Here is the city pool and the oldest monument in Ruse - Tsarev Kamak.
The Ruse architecture entices the senses and is an invaluable resource to the city. It is a surprise for the guests, because the buildings are in a unique ensemble.
Forest park „Lipnik“, recreation area, outdoor games, restaurants, fishing, 10 km east of Ruse.
Western park „Prista“, recreation area, outdoor games, fishing, 7 km west of Ruse.


March Music Days, international festival, classic, jazz, opera, ballet, takes place during March.
Folklore festival „The Golden Gadulka“, first Sunday of June, Youth Park, Ruse.
Gathering „Children of Polomieto – holiday under the monastery“, in Rock-Hewn Churches of Ivanovo, village of Ivanovo, beginning of June.
Fish Fest „Brashlen“, village of Brashlen, municipality Slivo pole – festival of fish soup and baked Danube fish, last Sunday of August.
Ruse Sand Fest, international festival of sand sculptures, exposition, June - October, concerts.
Giurgiu Days – around April 23rd, Saint George's Day, cultural and artistic events, musical concerts, theater and dance performances in Nicolae Bălănescu Athenaeum.


Ruse – Tourist information center

61 „Aleksandrovska” str., tel. 00359 82 824 704, www.visitruse.info

Bus station South - 156 „Tsar Osvoboditel“ str., tel. 00359 82 828 151
Central Railway Station – 1 „Alexander Stamboliyski“ sq., tel. 00359 885 397 727

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