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Fisheries heritage from Lom and Orsoya


The exhibition "Fishermen from Lom and Orsoya" takes place in the "Ruse" Hall in the Museum of History and it presents an ethnological field research in eight different topics. The main purpose of the research is to collect oral stories, which can be used to outline the local fishing community and its active presence on the Danube and the nearby islands, as well as in the Orsoya swamp. The stories feature images of an icy river that engulfs a wedding, man-eating catfish, as well as descriptions of fishing during different seasons. A major problem for fishermen is poaching, as well as environmental pollution, which are important elements of biodiversity.

The project explores the knowledge, skills and practices of the local fishing community, which are considered as intangible cultural heritage, as they are part of the traditional sparing fishing on the Danube, which has existed for millennia. The exhibition is shown first in Ruse and then in the town of Lom.

The project „Cultural heritage of the Danube fishermen. The Lom and Orsoya communities“ of Association „European Spaces 21“ in partnerships with the museums in Ruse and Lom is implemented with the support of the „Cultural Heritage“ programme, module „Preservation and promotion of the cultural heritage“ of National Fund „Culture“, 2020.

Project “MEMOFISH - memory and future. Stories about the Danube Civilization” is cofinanced by the European Union through European Regional Development Fund under the Interreg V-A Romania-BulgariaProgramme.
Amount of EU contribution:  423 921, 71 Euro





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