Programme for a three-day travel package with a youth tourist route near Vidin – Calafat

Route for youth tourism with an emphasis on local landmarks, outdoor activities and forms of cultural heritage

Three days of activities, two overnight stays

The package can be used during the period April - November

Geography, municipalities, region
Vidin (Kutovo, Antimovo) – Calafat

Target group
The package is aimed at Bulgarian, Romanian and foreign guests – youths with an interest towards cultural heritage

Terms of conduction
Suitable for a group of youths, as well as for individual tourists. No special equipment or skills are required of the participants. It would be nice if you have comfortable shoes. Attractions along the Danube River, visits to museums and discussions on historical topics are subject to prior arrangement. Given the seasonal nature of the events from the cultural calendar, the package is limited to April - November.


Hotel „Rovno“, with parking, Vidin, 70 „Tsar Aleksandar II“, str., tel. 00359 94 690 990,

Hotel „Bononia“, Vidin, 2 „Bdin“ str., 00359 94 600 031,


Bistro „Piratski Pub“, seats: 40, terrace: 30, tel. 00359 884 249 498. Local specialty – catfish in a pot.

Pizzeria „Pri Mama“, 39 “Shiroka“ str., working hours – 09.00 AM - 08.00 PM

“Pri Nekov” grill, 27 Panonia blvd., tel. 00359 893 392 999, closes at 09.00 PM

Calafat, Romania – restaurant Dumbrava, Eroilor str., park Dumbrava, closes at 10:00 PM, tel. 0040 724 341 055

Calafat, Romania – pizzeria Adrival, 13 „Tudor Vladimirescu“ blvd., tel. 0040 762 579 133

Typical for Vidin are the so called „culinary houses“. The delicious food offered in these breakfast places is prepared on the spot, you can eat it in a pleasant environment or take it to go. You can also stumble upon food from the local cuisine.

Bus station:

2 „Zheleznicharska“ str.,, tel. 00359 94 923 377

Service – the group, or part of it, may use electric bicycles (e-bike net)

Vidin – Calafat – 16 km.
Calafat – Bailesti, 40 km.
Vidin – Archar, 27 km.
Vidin – Kutovo, Danube, 13 km.
Vidin – recreation area „Bozhuritsa“, 20 km.

Charging station operators:

Calafat – Terasido OOD, 9 Dunari“str, tel. 0040 770 180 913,

Bailesti – mun. Bailesti, 1-3 „Revolutsia“ str., tel. 0040 727 226 720,

Vidin – Regional Development Agency and Business Center, 77 „Hristo Botev“ str., tel. 00359 94 600 017,

Places to visit

With payment


Visiting time – 1 hour, without a day off.
Museum of Folk Arts, Marincu Palace
Visiting time – 50 min. Ethnographic exposition, which includes folk art crafts and artifacts from the 19th-20th centuries.

Krastata Kazarma

Working hours – 09.30 AM – 05.30 PM, without a day off. The barracks was built in 1801, and today it’s part of the expositions of the Regional Museum. You can see the theme of Danube fishing, as well as that of the European influence in the bourgeois homes.
Fortress „Baba Vida
Working hours – 09.30 AM – 05.30 PM, without a day off. Visiting time – 1 hour. tel. 00359 94 601 705. Stepping on the foundations of the Roman fortress Bononia, the fortress preserves parts from the X century and has developed in time until the eighteenth century. Stone bastions and towers have been altered in connection with the emergence of firearms.
Archaeological museum
Epigraphic Center, in a 17th century building, grain warehouse, Danube park. Working hours – 09.30 AM – 05.30 PM, without a day off. Visiting time – 40 min.

Without payment

city park DUMBRAVA
, with a zoo

Danube Park 

The park contains many architectural monuments. Visiting time – 1 hour.
Turkish post 
The only post office building in Bulgaria preserved since 1859. Today, the Art Center to the Regional Library operates in the building.
„Bozhuritsa“ recreation area, outdoor games, fishing, 20 km. south of Vidin.
Visiting „New Europe“ bridge for a photo safari at the foot of the bridge. Night views.


Rally – cross Vidin and retro parade, May 23rd - 24th
Festival of arts „Dunavski valni“, July 17th - July 26th
Youth festival of arts „The Bridge“
Medieval festival „Badin“, last weekend of August
Vidin fair, August 26th – September 6th

Tourist Information Center

to Professional high school „Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov”, „Bdintsi“ square – provides tour guides with wireless communication systems and a drive on routes with a 12-seat e-vehicle, 1 „Dunavska“ str.“ 1, тел. 00 359 94 990 739
Tourist information and education center and a Danube Bureau office, Vidin, 4 „Baba Vida“ str.,

Bus station - 2 „Zheleznicharska“ str.,, tel. 00359 94 923 377

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