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The endangered European bullhead is being taken care of


In the ‘Central Balkan’ National park the endangered freshwater European bullhead is being reproduced in laboratory conditions, informs BNA.

The laboratory is equipped with equipment for constant control of the temperature, the levels of oxygen, ammonium and nitrogen compounds, pH and electrical conductivity. The size of the aquariums matches the natural conditions in the habitat of the, European bullhead - the Vit River, where the fish were caught. This ensures easy adaptation to the artificial conditions in the laboratory, and the reverse adaptation of the fish upon their return to their natural habitat is also monitored.

The laboratory has facilities for incubation of caviar for the purposes of in vitro reproducing. A system for nurturing live food (larvae of insects) for the bullhead is also available. Currently 20 European bullheads, caught from donor populations are being bred. The resulting offspring will be moved to three locations in the ‘Central Balkan’ National park.

Initially, the basins of the rivers of Vit, Osam and Yantra were explored and an assessment of the population status of the species was prepared. Later three sections for the introduction of specimens bred under laboratory conditions were determined.

The conservation status of the European bullhead in Bulgaria is critically endangered, the park said. The fish lives in the upper currents of the rivers- with fast-flowing, cold waters. It feeds on invertebrates and small fish, and the species is threatened with extinction on a national and European scale.


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